Successful Fairtrade Sales in Selkirk

pic of pasta party Fairtrade Fortnight in Selkirk was a resounding success! The two pop-up shops, a pasta party and coffee morning resulted in the sale of over £850 of Fairtrade goods. In addition to this £317.52 was raised for the Traidcraft Fair Essentials campaign. This   sum will be doubled by the government, meaning over £6oo will go to benefit impoverished food producers. Thank you to all our generous supporters.

Selkrik Fairtrade group also ran a FT Facts Quiz which challenged people’s knowledge. See how you do with the questions below.

coffee morning stalla) How many Fairtrade products are available in the UK?

b) How many Fairtrade towns are there in the UK?

c) Smallholder farmers produce 50% of the world’s food, but what percentage of the world’s poor do they make up?

Answers: a) over 4500 b) over 1100 c) 85%


About selkirkfairtrade

webmaster for the Selkirk Fairtrade group.
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