How to become a Fairtrade Town? – In order to become a Fairtrade Town, we must achieve the following 5 goals:

1. Council – Local council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade, and agrees to serve Fairtrade products (e.g. in meetings, offices and canteens). Scottish Borders Council passed resolutions supporting Fairtrade in August 2005 and May 2006. This goal has already been achieved for us by Peebles, the first and only other Fairtrade Town in the Borders.

2. Commerce (Retail & Catering) – A range of Fairtrade products needs to be readily available in the area’s retail outlets (shops, supermarkets, newsagents and petrol stations) and served in local catering outlets (cafes, restaurants, pubs). The minimum requirement for Fairtrade Town status (based on Selkirk’s population and size) is 3 retailers selling at least 2 Fairtrade products, and 2 caterers serving at least 2 Fairtrade products.

3. Community – Local workplaces and community organisations (places of worship, schools, universities, colleges and other community organisations) support Fairtrade and use Fairtrade products whenever possible. The minimum requirement for Fairtrade Town status is 50% support from local churches and 30% of local schools.

4. Common Consensus (public support gained through media coverage and events)– Media coverage and events to raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade across the Community.

5. Captains (steering group) – A local Fairtrade steering group is convened to ensure the Fairtrade Town campaign continues to develop and gain new support. Our steering group includes: Sue Cook, Sam Edgecombe, Marie Ledendal, Heather Sceats, Kirstin Scott, Mary Taylor and Myra Ward.