Message from Malawi

One spoon or two ?

JCharles & FT signust make sure your sugar is Fair says Charles Chavi, visiting Selkirk last week. Charles is the trust administrator for Kasinthula Cane Growers’ Association, a Fairtrade sugar cane project in an inhospitable region of southern Malawi. He is one of four Fairtrade producers visiting the UK during Fairtrade Fortnight to encourage everyone to support them by choosing Fairtrade products like tea, coffee and sugar.

One of the world’s poorest countries, Malawi is often affected by long droughts that result in famine, and the twice-yearly rains often bring floods, with the most recent one affecting more than a million people.

The impact of Fairtrade contracts.

Charles explained to the group that Fairtrade has made a real difference to the lives of Malawi’s sugar cane growers, their families and local communities by ensuring a stable income for the growers, as well as providing a Fairtrade premium of 60 dollars a tonne. The premium has been used to improve sugar cane production and to provide healthcare, clean water, electricity and education.

The EU threatens future sugar cane production.

His greatest concern is the recent decision of the European Union to lift the cap on sugar production in Europe, thus closing the door to sugar cane producers in developing countries. This will put the future of millions of sugar cane farmers and their families, including those in Malawi, at risk.

Stand up for sugar cane growers.

Contact your local MEP to demand that proper provision be made to aid those whose livelihood will be destroyed by the decision to remove the cap on sugarbeet production inside Europe. For more information go to http://

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Fairtrade products popping up again!

2015 pop up shop 1 The Fairtrade pop-up shop is back! Selkirk’s fairtrade pop-up shop is in town again on Thursdays in Fairtrade Fortnight. I Tower Street has Fairtrade food, textiles,     jewellery, toys and cleaning materials for sale, and some delicious Fairtrade goodies to sample.

Politicians support Fairtrade.

Both Michael Moore and John Lamont have visited Selkirk’s pop-up shop this week to show their support for Fairtrade producers.  Michael Moore in pop up shopjohn lamont at pop up shop

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Fair Necessities!

Smallholder farmers grow 70% of the world’s food but make up half of the world’s hungriest people. The Fair Necessities Appeal is hoping to raise awareness of the plight of smallholder farmers, and show their entitlement to the ‘Fair Necessities’ of life.

You can play your part by coming to our Fairtrade Coffee Morning on Saturday 21st February from 10-12am in Selkirk Parish Church Hall. Enjoy Fairtrade refreshments and the chance to browse at our Fairtrade goods stall.

All profits will be donated to the Fair Necessities Appeal, and the UK government will match our donation so that we’ll be able to give twice as much.



For more information about the Fair Necessities campaign, check out the Fairtrade Foundation action guide.


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Fairtrade Footballs found in Selkirk.

Michael Moore football picJohn Lamont football picMichael Moore MP and John Lamont MSP both visited Selkirk Fairtrade Pop-up shop last week, and took a look at our Fairtrade footballs. To see more about why Fairtrade  footballs are a good idea, follow the link below.

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20% off new palm oil cleaning products at the Pop-up shop!

The Selkirk Fairtrade Pop-up shop has a great introductory offer of 20% off on a range of organic palm oil cleaning products this week. This palm oil is produced sustainably by African smallholders, and has no detrimental effect on the environment, nor on orang-utangs! As well as palm oil, Clean & Fair products also include Fairtrade coconut oil from rural India.palm oil productsclose up of palm oil

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Selkirk Fairtrade Pop-up Shop is back!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Selkirk Fairtrade Pop-up Shop is returning to 48 Marketplace for the first week of Fairtrade Fortnight. We’re open 9.30am – 4.30pm every day from Monday 24 February to Saturday 1 March.

Come and see our range of Fairtrade food, cards, jewellery, clothes, plus a new range of Fairtrade cleaning materials, and Fairtrade footballs!

Complete your visit with a free cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee.

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Selkirk Fairtrade Town Status Renewed

On 22 April 2013 Selkirk’s Fairtrade Town status was renewed by the Fairtrade Foundation for a further two years. Adam Gardner, Communities Campaigns Manager, wrote

‘It has been a huge pleasure to learn of all that has happened since you gained Fairtrade status. Please pass on our congratulations and thanks to everyone who has put so much time, energy and creativity into making Fairtrade a part of the area.’

‘It’s clear from your action plan that Fairtrade in Selkirk is going from strength to strength. You have maintained effective council support, improved campaigning co-ordination in the Borders, involved local workplaces, churches, schools and community groups, orgainised a number of remarkable events such as the ‘Wear Fair & Local Fashion Show’, as well as secured impressive media coverage. Once again, we wish to thank the Selkirk Steering Group for their tireless campaigning, and dedication in spreading the Fairtrade message and organising the 2013 Producer Tour. Keep up the good work!’

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Shops support student art work for Fairtrade.



Sainsbury’s rewarded High School students with a bag of Fairtrade goodies as a prize for their Fairtrade sculptures.IMG_3547



Selkirk Co-operative provided the Fairtrade Easter egg prize for the Fairtrade poster competition.IMG_3550



Down to Earth greengrocers rewarded the students with fresh fruit but they preferred a bag of sweets each!

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Prize winning posters for Fairtrade Fortnight.

Fairtrade Poster - Jack Oliver

High School student, Jack Oliver, designed this prizewinning poster (far left) to publicise Fairtrade Fortnight. The runner up was Fairtrade poster luke mcgowanLuke McGowan (below).

The competition was sponsored by Selkirk Co-operative who supplied the first prize of a Fairtrade Easter egg.

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High School Sculpts for Fairtrade

S1 pupils preparing to display their sculptures - Matthew Stephanie Ruth Amy Kyle Kimberley Carly Eilidh Ella S1 and S2 students at Selkirk High School created sculptures of Fairtrade products to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight. Their sculptures were displayed at an Assembly, where Justine Watalunga described the benefits of being a Fairtrade coffee producer. They were then on show in local shops over Fairtrade Fortnight.Alice & Justine & coffee 2






For more pictures of the students’ sculptures see the gallery below.


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